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About Us

Afik Construction LTD is an international development and construction company operating in Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany and Greece.

Our hallmark is the reliability and quality of our construction.

Our company leverages its vast experience in the construction industry and its international contacts for initiating and constructing dozens of projects; some examples are:

The company uses its local contacts in Turkey, Cyprus, Germany and Greece to identify interesting local real estate opportunities.

The company has introduced its high construction standards for projects implemented in Israel and the Ivory Coast to its Turkish and Cypriot projects.

The company has used Turkish laborers to build thousands of housing units in Israel.

Our company has gained vast experience in the Israeli, Turkish, Cypriot and Greek real estate markets and has a proven track record of successfully completing projects.

The company has identified a need in the emerging Turkish and Cypriot real estate markets and is currently focusing on expanding its development and construction activities in these markets.

The company believes that these emerging markets hold an opportunity for rapid growth.

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