Classic massage with hot stone, hammam with salt peeling, and a bottle of champagne.

                                                                                                                                                                                      90 minutes / 95 euro

Salt peeling in the hammam helps to relieve stress, detoxifies the body, improves the condition of the skin, and saturates it with nutrients. Mechanical clearing of the skin by salt scrub enhances sweating that helps to eliminate toxins. Salt peeling in the hammam allows you to efficiently cleanse the skin with thorough infiltration of nutrients into the open pores of the skin.
Full transformation and rejuvenation of the body couldn’t be complete without a classic massage paired with nourishing old blend of lavender and citrus. Application of warm aromatic oils to massage has a positive effect on health undoubtedly - it calms the nervous system, speeds up metabolism, stimulates the elimination of toxins, improves blood circulation.
Hot stones massage is a new direction in medicine based on the use of heated stones during the massage. This technique improves blood circulation throughout the body, relaxes muscles, gets rid of tiredness. Stones energy normalizes emotional state, gives peace and harmony.

And a bottle of Сhampagne is waiting for you in our SPA-centre over and above!

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