Salt peeling in Hammam, hot stones massage, aroma bath with sea minerals or Dead Sea water floating pool or salt room, mud or algae body wrap and bottle of Champagne.  

Couple: 3 hours / 130 euro

Single: 3 hours / 70 euro

Each body care program includes skin cleansing and removal of the dead cells. Salt peeling effectively cleanses and tones warmed skin, detoxifies and enriches it useful micronutrients.
Hot stones massage is new direction in medicine based on the using of heated stones during the massage. This technique improves blood circulation throughout the body, relaxes muscles, gets rid of tiredness. Stones energy normalizes emotional state, gives peace and harmony.
We suggest you take an aromatic bath with sea minerals for the ultimate in relaxation and skin enriching nutrients. Dissolution of essential oils in the salt composition allows you to get the maximum benefit from aromatherapy oils since it not only settle on the surface of water but saturate the entire bath.
Halotherapy is treatment with inhalation of particles of salt is used for a long time all over the world. It is known that this treatment helps to get rid of headaches, allergies, respiratory diseases, normalizes blood pressure, restores the function of the thyroid gland, improves metabolism and normalizes the body weight. A visit to the salt room gives your body lightness and freshness, improves health and mood.
In addition, a botbottle of champagne is also a guide to the wonderful world of positive emotions in the Caesar's Spa!

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